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Menu Engineering

Saffron Menu Engineering has never been so simple to get an online, accurately costed and nutritionally analysed recipe book and menu plan. Watch our video and read more about the individual features below.

Simplified Process

Costings, Allergens & Nutrition In One

Protect Your Brand

Consistent Menu Offer

Maximise Opportunities

Improve Sales Mix Performance

Efficient Cost Management

Menu Based Purchasing

Stock Items

With an online Store Cupboard stocked with fully nutritionally analysed ingredients, building healthy and balanced recipes is easy and effective. Each stock item has a portfolio of information, including preferred supplier details, purchase pack sizes and pricing information. This information automatically feeds through to recipe and menu management, providing real-time accurate costing data.

Recipe Cards

Along with each stock item information, pictorial examples, method and information tags can be used to create a portfolio of recipe cards to ensure quality and consistency throughout. Such a high level of detail of each stock item in your Store Cupboard ensures the accuracy you need to provide successful results within all your catering operations.

Nutritional Analysis
Menu Engineering on a tablet

Menu Engineering

Menu planning within Saffron is a simple way to forecast supplier recommended orders, with up-to date costs and selling prices. You can also identify cost and profit by each menu and dish, with theoretical vs actual performance statistics to ensure maximum profit.

When used in conjunction with our Saffron Wellbeing Portal, nutritional & allergen data is published in real-time to consumer facing portal.

Key Benefits

McCance & Widdowson Integration

Saffron has the most up to date nutritional information sourced from McCance & Widdowson.

Nutritional Guidelines

Bench-marked guidelines can be defined in Saffron, whether this is in adherence to School Nutrition Standards or Recommended Guidelines.

Manage Food Costs

Menu Engineering provides complete control over the costing up of recipes and menus.

Production Requirements

Saffron can produce a draft report to fulfill any production requirements you may require.

FIR Compliant

Visual alerts when FIR information is missing.

Dynamic Selling Prices & Profit

Automatic calculation of dish profitability and sales mix

Quick & Simple Updates

Update recipe ingredient quantities, replace ingredients and change menu structure with a few clicks.

Label Export

Export data in Saffron to our partners solutions.

Creed Foodservice

Software Used:

“We wanted to provide our customers with an added value solution that is unique. Saffron is easy to implement into a business. The system is very easy to use and helps support users in staying compliant with current legislation.” At Creed Foodservice we are a food wholesaler distributing food across a range of sectors (care,…

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