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Saffron Check is the new paperless kitchen management solution managing all daily functions and consolidating this into an application available on any device.

Integrated Solution

Seamless Synchronisation of Cloud & App

Environmentally Friendly

Removal of Paper-based Processes

Live KPI Monitoring

Customisable Alert Notifications

Easily Accessible

iOS, Android & Windows

Saffron check

Check will be available to download from: Google Play, the Apple App Store and the Windows App Store.

Data will automatically sync from Saffron on the web to the Check application, providing you with the most up to date and accurate information.

Should you lose connectivity, data won’t be lost and once connection is available, changes will be automatically synchronised with Saffron.

Key Benefits

Multi-Platform Enabled

Android, iOS & Windows Compatible.

User Friendly

10″ Device Optimised.

Full Online/Offline Capability

100% Operability.

Become Paperless

Digitised Documentation.

HACCP Management

Demonstrable Compliance Audit.

Two-Way In-App Messaging

Managed Comms Circulation.

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