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Saffron Bedside is an electronic app-based meal ordering solution compatible with any tablet device. It’s designed to enhance your patients experience and improve efficiency within healthcare catering operations.

PAS Integration Options

Integrate To Your Patient Adminstration System

Online/Offline Capability

Fail-Safe Meal Orders

Dynamic Patient Menus

Cater To Patients Specific Needs

Mobile Optimised

Use On Any Device

Patient Experience

Every patient will be able to enjoy a smooth, personal and accurate order taking experience; enhanced by the interactivity of this ordering solution. With Saffron Patient Ordering, special requirements can be identified and attached to each individual patient and order, for example, the red tray identification.

Patients have the opportunity to see the dish they’d like to order, through uploaded images that can be shown on the tablet. At this point they can also be presented with the nutritional information ensuring they can make a more informed decision.


Card Review

Hospital Benefits

Without the need for printed menu cards, your time spent gathering orders is reduced by 50% and the financial implications are significantly reduced. The accuracy of orders is also significantly increased and ensures a more streamlined production plan in the kitchen.

The number of ‘call backs’ (meals ordered over and above because the original request wasn’t available) is due to the real time accuracy of the patient ordering solution. Also the percentage of your food wastage and labour costs are significantly reduced through the implementation of efficiency and accuracy measures.

Key Benefits

Enhance Patient Experience

The use of Saffron electronic bedside ordering ensures a more interactive and sociable order taking process.

Increase Patient Safety

Your patients will only be presented with the appropriate options for their dietary requirements.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional analysis can be presented next to each recipe to give your patients more informed choices.

Reduced Food Wastage

With more accurate orders being taken, the need for over-production is significantly reduced.

Fully Customisable

Reflect your own branding through the
use of logos & themes.

Consistent, Accurate, Verifiable

Real time accurate information with full audit trail.

Online/Offline Capability

Capable of working online/offline


Software Used:

“The utilisation of Saffron has enabled instant viewing of operational activity; this in turn facilitates the swift interaction to resolve challenges proactively. The speed and accuracy of access we have to data is one of the key benefits we have found from Saffron. Saffron has enabled us to consolidate the processes and reporting system we…

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