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Today, every organisation depends on data to survive and prosper. However, most of the time, the potential this data offers either lies undiscovered, untapped or misunderstood, rather than assisting in operational improvements, driving efficiencies and achieving business objectives, due to the complexity in presenting this in a meaningful format.

Configurable Dashboards

Choose What Data To Present

Live KPI Monitoring

Set Up Your Own Alerts

Mobile Optimised

View Results Any Device

Multi-system Data Feed

Single Point Of Truth

Dashboards, Statistics & Data.

When asked which data a client should be analysing to our response would be to start simply, assess your business objectives, the data you have available and what would be meaningful for you to measure. For example, begin with supplier purchasing data and then start to break this down further by product category, date or individual products purchased.

By far the most popular method of presenting essential data is through the use of graphics, and with data from Saffron constantly updated and the ability to connect other systems, such as EPOS, payroll and audit, individual charts and/or dashboards (collection of charts) can be presented to decision makers in a meaningful format more quickly than analysis in spreadsheets.

Stock Value
Sales Hotspots

Meaningful Results

In an increasingly competitive market place the ability to stay ahead of the game whilst optimising your operations and services has never been so important to fulfil customer expectations, maintain services standards or meet financial key performance indicators.

With operational data presented in real-time, Saffron BI presents a unified view across the whole business and, when used in conjunction with Saffron Pulse, proactively informs the relevant stakeholders when key performance indicators are not being achieved so that these can be acted upon, investigated and the necessary actions taken before they become too serious.

Key Benefits

Reduced Time Collating Reports

Align dashboards with the data you want to see.

KPI Warnings

KPI alerts highlight situations early so you can take action before they become too serious.

Presentable Data

Analytics paints a picture of your performance, so you can see how you’re performing in an instance.

3rd Party Integration

Integrate data from multiple systems to create a single point of truth

Consistent, Accurate, Verifiable

Real time accurate information with full audit trail.

Increase Profitability

Drill into data to make more informed decisions.

Personalise Your Dashboards

Data filters enable creation of bespoke dashboards

North Lincolnshire Council

Software Used:

“The support provided by FDH made a significant impact in easing the pressure on catering managers. The opportunity to monitor nutritional performance across the district simultaneously, rather than exhausting resources and staff conducting weekly analysis at each school site, has enabled us to continue improving our catering facilities within budget, and greatly contributes to the…

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