Public Sector Catering

Possibly the only sector of the hospitality industry that serves a customer throughout their life, Public Sector Catering organisations provide outstanding foodservice operations within tight budgets, short service times and demanding environments.

How do we help Public Sector Catering Organisations?

Whether catering for pupils, employees, patients or pensioners the common factor throughout all service environments is that the meals service is provided rather than purchased with customers who rely upon the service to meet their nutritional, sustenance and/or care needs.

As members of PSC100 we value the interaction the community provides that enables us to maintain Saffron at the forefront of providing a range a catering focused functionality that can meet specific requirements, such as Bedside through to a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of the catering operation.

Public Sector Catering
Providing Great Menus within Managed Budgets

Saffron Menus provides the link from supplier to kitchen to customer with a range of functionality that ensures menus meet both financial budgets and operational SLA’s.

Monitor Performance

When services are provided within challenging budgets, keeping on top of performance across multiple foodservice outlets can pose a real challenge.  Saffron Analytics supports operations managers and central teams to identify variances so these can be acted upon before a situation escalates.

Streamline & Simplify Purchasing

Simplify and streamline all purchasing activity with defined purchasing lists, pricing agreements and 4-way matching of documents that results in improved supplier relationships and more cost effective operations.

Provide Safe Menus in a Legislative Environment

With many public sector caterers providing services within defined standards, legislation and/or dietary requirements Saffron Menus assists caterers to meet their obligations whilst communicating their offer to help customers make safe menu choices.

What our customers say

Andy Jones, PSC100 Chair

With Public Sector Caterers as focused upon the impact of safe, nutritious meals as they are focused upon managing budgets, Saffron bridges both ends of the spectrum, simplifying the processes needed to meet their varied customer requirements. – Andy Jones, PSC100 Chair

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