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As a local authority caterer, you may be catering across a broad range of clients with very different requirements – from school meals to civic venues and tourism, staff canteens to welfare meals and social care. Whether you’re an in-house service provider, a council-owned arm’s length organisation, a joint venture, you may need to manage the performance of several hundred trading units.


How can Saffron software help local authority caterers?

Local authorities are facing increasing cuts to budgets. Coupled with increased demands to serve healthier meals, and the complexity of managing numerous and diverse outlets, you need to demonstrate true value for money whilst providing a compliant service.

Saffron software can improve efficiency against continuing pressures on local authority budgets and rising food and labour costs, especially with forecasted reductions in management and cuts to council subsidies.

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Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis on all your recipes and menus enables you to meet nutritional standards for school meals legislation and customer requests in other catering outlets.

Streamline Purchasing

Simplify and streamline the way you purchase from your suppliers with totally automated Purchasing from P2P.

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Free School Meal Credits

New standard inputs and outputs to record the uptake of free school meal credits, to support the implementation and delivery of Universal Infant Free School Meals from September.

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Improve Residents Experience

With Saffron Care Catering you can ensure your residents receive the correctly level of care and further evidence of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) ‘Outcome 5’ .

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Provide Safe, Suitable Meals

Storing specific information against each resident such as  dietary requirements, allergies and modifiers you can ensure you’re presenting the resident with a safe meal choice.

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Residents Nutritional Requirements

Saffron Care gives a nutritional intake profile for each resident. Allowing nutritionists, catering staff and even family a clear view of the resident’s diet.

North Lincolnshire Council

Software Used:

“The support provided by FDH made a significant impact in easing the pressure on catering managers. The opportunity to monitor nutritional performance across the district simultaneously, rather than exhausting resources and staff conducting weekly analysis at each school site, has enabled us to continue improving our catering facilities within budget, and greatly contributes to the…

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