Hospitality & Leisure

The Hospitality & Leisure sector covers a wide range of diverse catering operations that may differ in many ways including size, the food being served, style of service and of course the diners. Although there may be a variety of different offerings, the challenges faced by catering providers in the retail sector are often very similar. Saffron will assist in overcoming these challenges thanks to the key benefits users are currently experiencing.

How do we help the Hospitality & Leisure sector?

Whether you’re a restaurant chain, pub group, quickservice, or a holiday resort, maximising your profit in the retail foodservice business is tough in this competitive and turbulent market. While the offerings, scale and customer-base of businesses in the hospitality and leisure market can differ wildly, we know that many share common challenges.

Customers need to feel valued through offers and deals, they want to feel reassured about the nutritional profile and allergy safety of the food they order, and they want a great experience at your site. You’ve heard how you should ‘work on your food business, not in it’ – well, that’s what our suite of Saffron software solutions is here for. Gaining that management edge on margins frees up your time to focus on giving your customers the best hospitality experience.

Hospitality & Leisure
Manage Food Costs

Menu Engineering provides complete control over the costing up of recipes and menus.

Manage your stock

With Stock Management you can easily keep track of stock levels and location with real time information, and account for any wastage. Link Saffron to your Electronic point of sales system.

Streamline purchasing

Simplify and streamline the way you purchase from your suppliers with totally automated purchasing from Purchase to Pay.

Nutritional analysis

Provide your customers with Nutritional Analysis on all your dishes with Menu Engineering and help them to make more informed choices, or use our Wellbeing Portal for customer facing, real-time information.

What our customers say

North Lincolnshire Council

Software Used:

“The support provided by FDH made a significant impact in easing the pressure on catering managers. The opportunity to monitor nutritional performance across the district simultaneously, rather than exhausting resources and staff conducting weekly analysis at each school site, has enabled us to continue improving our catering facilities within budget, and greatly contributes to the…

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