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As a market-leading catering management solution, Saffron is already widely used by Contract Caterers and Facilities Managers to increase the efficiency of back office processes and ultimately drive forward profitability. With the logistical challenges faced with large multi-site Contract Caterers and Facilities Management companies, Saffron is able to provide accurate and real time performance reporting of units geographically spread across the country or even globe. Overcoming these challenges becomes much easier with Saffron:

How can Saffron software help foodservice contract caterers?

As a contract caterer, the nature and needs of your clients and customers can be as diverse as your ingredients cupboard! We know that it can be tough to keep on top of a large multi-site operation that may be dispersed both geographically and across many different industries and sectors. The key to winning contracts in a range of sectors is demonstrating your efficiency, compliance and value for money.

Foodservice contractors can drive profitability by increasing efficiency through streamlining back office processes, and increasing visibility of performance across multiple sites, actioning improvements where necessary. Dependent on the sector you’re contracting in, our range of catering hospitality software solutions, Saffron, Saffron Bedside Ordering, and Saffron Care Catering can work together in modules, alone or separately, to streamline your catering operations.

Food Service
Manage Food Costs

Menu Engineering provides complete control over the costing up of individual recipes and menus, enabling menu planning and cycles.

Streamline Purchasing

Simplify and streamline the way you purchase from your suppliers with totally automated Purchasing from Purchase to Pay.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis on all your recipes and menus enables you to meet demands for healthier menu options and the Government’s Responsibility Deal pledges.

Manage your stock

With Stock Management you can easily keep track of stock levels and location with real time information, across numerous locations.

Capture Trading Data

With Saffron Trading you can capture exactly how each unit across varied locations of your business are performing.

What our customers say

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Software Used:

“The utilisation of Saffron has enabled instant viewing of operational activity; this in turn facilitates the swift interaction to resolve challenges proactively. The speed and accuracy of access we have to data is one of the key benefits we have found from Saffron. Saffron has enabled us to consolidate the processes and reporting system we…

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