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An army marches on its stomach, so your military operational units need an effective catering management and information system. Our specialist catering management software, Saffron, is designed for kitchen management in military defence bases both overseas and at home; and utilised by the British Forces exercises worldwide.

How can Saffron help military catering?

We know that some of the key challenges that military caterers encounter include, calculating exact feeding requirements, forecasting food orders in uncertain scenarios, security, and efficient record keeping for audits. Saffron’s integrated modules are built specifically to solve the logistical challenges around catering commodities for both deployed units and those at home:

Army Catering
Healthy Eating

Saffron’s Nutritional Analysis provides a complete nutritional profile for plates, trays and meals up to entire menu cycles for any given deployment – perfect for optimising troops’ intake for high energy training establishments, and feeding military personnel in extreme hot, cold or humid climates.

serving nutritious food to army personnel
Manage Food Costs

With Menu Engineering the tendency to over-order in out of barracks situations is avoided by automating the process of ration ordering, allowing you to order only those rations required by the menu cycle based upon numbers fed.

Ministry of defence catering
Operational Suitability

Saffron can be configured to span requirements across several deployment sites from a single central implementation.

Royal Navy Catering
Stock Management

Move stock between unit locations, with automatic adjustment of stock levels and affected accounts. Saffron enables stock to be taken to support the calculation of your endurance factor and remaining consumption days.

Aids Forecasting

Using Saffron gives you a holistic view of ordering, stock control, menu planning and costing, nutritional analysis and streamlines the process of transfers, orders and receipts, as well as reporting for accounting. This helps you to project forces into a location for any given duration and accurately forecast what your feeding requirements and costs will be.

North Lincolnshire Council

Software Used:

“The support provided by FDH made a significant impact in easing the pressure on catering managers. The opportunity to monitor nutritional performance across the district simultaneously, rather than exhausting resources and staff conducting weekly analysis at each school site, has enabled us to continue improving our catering facilities within budget, and greatly contributes to the…

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