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What is Saffron? Saffron is your complete catering management software solution that puts you in full control of your business processes and profits. On average, using Saffron can help improve your profitability by 3%.

You can choose a complete solution, or specific modules, depending on your business need and budget. As your business grows, Saffron can grow with you. Read more about the different modules below.

Recipe & Menu Management

It’s never been so simple to get an online, accurately costed and nutritionally analysed recipe book and menu plan. How? Read more about the individual features below.

Store Cupboard

  • With an online Store Cupboard stocked with fully nutritionally analysed ingredients, building healthy and balanced recipes is easy and effective.
  • Each stock item has a portfolio of information, including preferred supplier details, purchase pack sizes and pricing information.
  • This information automatically feeds through to recipe and menu management, providing real-time accurate costing data.

Recipe Cards

  • Recipes can be built and stored in Saffron and full nutritional, allergen and costing information is automatically generated to give clear and concise pricing and nutritional data.
  • This information, along with pictorial examples, method and information tags can be used to create a portfolio of recipe cards to ensure quality and consistency throughout.
  • Such a high level of detail of each and every stock item in your Store Cupboard ensures the accuracy you need to provide successful results within all of your catering operations.

Menu Management

  • Menu planning within Saffron is a simple way to forecast supplier recommended orders, with up-to date costs and selling prices.
  • You can identify cost and profit by each menu and dish, with theoretical vs actual performance statistics to ensure maximum profit.
  • It ensures your menus adhere to any nutritional guidelines you are expected to meet.
  • Recipes can be easily collated to create a range of different menu cycles, to suit the way you operate.

Key Benefits

  • Improve your profitability With the Finance Centre’s extensive report portfolio, you can make informed decisions with real time data.
  • Manage food costs Recipe & Menu Management provides complete control over the costing up of recipes and menus.
  • Ensure best practice Setting standard procedures and policies throughout the company is achievable with Document Management.
  • Streamline purchasing Simplify and streamline the way you purchase from your suppliers with totally automated purchasing from P2P.
  • Nutritional analysis You can generate nutritional analysis for all recipes and menus you build within Saffron.
  • Manage your stock With Stock Management you can easily keep track of stock levels and location with real time information.

Software enquiry

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