Seven Considerations for Systems in Lockdown

With many businesses temporarily closed, providing reduced services or running skeleton teams the focus is rightly on prioritising the demands of maintaining the organisation, continuity of service and supporting staff through this unprecedented time.

One aspect that may not be at the forefront of operators minds but will be crucial to see them through this period and be best positioned when we come out of lockdown is the maintenance of their operational systems.

Having established processes that sustain the business it would be devastating that after coming out of one of the biggest stress tests in history you found your supporting systems weeks behind and resource diverted to re-establish your base line.

Here are some key aspects to consider:

Trading Periods

Whether you’re trading or not, it’s imperative that you continue to close your trading periods to ensure you are able to maintain audit and synchronisation with your finance systems.

Stock Management

Keep processes in place, especially if you’ve introduced a new menu/service. If you’ve closed your sites hopefully you managed to take stock, but if not, this may be a time to check stock levels and use by dates. If you’ve written off stock or donated it to food banks remember to assign a relevant reason e.g. COVID Closure, Food Bank Donation.

Recipes & Menus

Maintain/Update recipes and menus to ensure accurate costings, recommended selling prices and FIR compliance.

Purchase Orders

Continue to use purchase orders, this may not seem a priority now but will be as things settle down

Delivery Notes & Invoices

Accurate recording of goods received, and prompt invoice processing will help suppliers maintain services and enable you to manage costs.


Producing operational/financial reports whether closed or not will assist in the immediate and long-term business planning/budget management.


Keep in touch, your team will be looking to you for guidance and leadership in this fast-changing environment.

Lastly, if you’re unsure just ask, we’re fortunate that the Saffron Team have a wealth of experience and a network of industry contacts that can be called upon to provide assistance, guidance or a friendly ear to chat with as we all work through this situation.

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