Saffron Solutions Enhance University Catering Processes

Streamline Catering Management

Saffron Check: Many Tasks, One Solution
Saffron Check is a new environmentally friendly, kitchen management tool which facilitates a paperless kitchen.  Managing Director Phil Jones comments “Caterers recognise the value of our ‘paperless kitchen’; efficiency and simplicity with the added benefit of becoming more environmentally aware, all through a simple to use mobile application.  We believe Saffron Check will make a real difference to clients’ day to day work.

Saffron P2P
With continued industry focus on costs and profitability, the use of Saffron P2P continues to grow; with 200 suppliers currently trading in excess of £150M per annum and growing daily. Incorporating customer driven enhancements that drive commercial success, the simplified catalogue management, 4-way matching and purchase cycle visibility are just three benefits mentioned by clients and suppliers alike.

Saffron Wellbeing Portal
The Saffron Wellbeing Portal will also be demonstrated, a customer facing web page which enables universities to accurately and effectively communicate allergen and nutritional information to their customers, in line with Food Information Regulations. This remains a key element for university caterers, allowing the filtering of dishes by allergens, dietary or nutritional values and giving customers the real-time information they need to make healthy and safe menu choices.

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Why Saffron?
Saffron’s catering management software is tailored to support foodservice across higher education. University caterers need to produce meals that meet food standards in tandem with nutritional analysis and allergy awareness. Using Saffron’s recipe and menu management modules helps caterers to manage food costs, streamline purchasing and administer stock levels efficiently. The ability to now carry out all these tasks simply, on a tablet, gives university caterers the capabilities they need at the touch of their fingers.

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