Intuitive Mobile Based Solution Unveiled at LACA

Saffron Paperless Kitchen

Phil Jones, Managing Director at Fretwell Downing, commented; “We were delighted with the reaction during LACA for our new mobile based solution. Caterers recognised the value of our ‘paperless kitchen’; efficiency and simplicity with the added benefit of becoming more environmentally aware, all through a simple to use mobile application. As a company our approach is always underpinned by our commitment to service standards, future developments and an investment model that improves ROI. The positive response we had at LACA showed we’re doing just that!”

Saffron Check: Many Tasks, One Solution
Saffron Check incorporates customer driven enhancements that drive commercial success: building upon menu information presented through the Saffron Wellbeing Portal, simplifying stock management and purchasing via the multi-platform mobile application and delivering analytical business data to support management decisions. It helps schools to maintain future sustainability by removing all paper-based operations and provides customisable snapshots of data as well as nutritional information accessible via the Saffron Wellbeing Portal.

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Why Saffron?
Recognising that school caterers face unique challenges, Saffron’s catering management software is tailored to support foodservice across the education industry. School caterers need to produce school meals that meet school food standards in tandem with nutritional analysis and allergy awareness. Using Saffron’s recipe and menu management modules help caterers to manage food costs, streamline purchasing and administer stock levels efficiently. The ability to now carry out all these tasks simply, on a tablet, gives school caterers the capabilities they need at the touch of their fingers.

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