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YO! Sushi – Saffron Allergen Web Portal

Nutritional Analysis

The Challenge

YO! Sushi founded in 1997 brought the concept of Japanese ‘kaiten’ sushi bar, delivering food to customers via a travelling conveyor belt, to the UK. Originally based in London, the group has grown to 84 worldwide restaurants serving 6 million customers a year.

To this day over 80 items are prepared fresh every day in each of the YO! Sushi kitchens, and with the introduction of the new Allergen Legislation meant it was vital that YO! Sushi were able to provide consistent and reliable allergen information across these restaurants.



The Solution

YO! Sushi have displayed their nutritional analysis on their menus since 2008 and have been using the Saffron Recipe and Menu Management system to do this accurately. As existing FDH customers, the Saffron Allergen Web Portal was introduced to YO! Sushi as a way of communicating real time Nutritional and Allergen Information to their customers directly from their Saffron Database.

The Saffron Allergen Portal allowed YO! Sushi to

  • Demonstrate a consistent, accurate and verifiable process for their allergen analysis.
  • Provide their customers with real time, accurate allergen and nutritional information.
  • Provide YO! Sushi staff with a reliable point of reference for up-to date allergen information that they are then able to communicate to customers.
  • Guide visitors on their website to this data, by linking to the Saffron Allergen Web Portal from their YO! Nutrition area of the website.

The implementation partnership between FDH and YO! Sushi ensured that YO! Sushi were able to become compliant in the Food Information Regulation 2014 by the impending deadline of 13th December 2014.


The Result

“When we were informed of the new online portal it was an easy decision to incorporate into our business. Our guests expect a modern and technological way of accessing this information. The portal made sense as it was real time and we had all our information already within the system. To also have the allergen information for all our dishes at the end of a click makes it a complete solution.

The user interface separates Saffron from other solutions. It is so easy to use, clean and clear and updates in real time makes it the right choice for us. The fact that we had been using Saffron previously only help make that decision even easier.

Our guests and our staff have vocalised there approval of the portal as all the information they need is so quick to find. It integrates within our website and business in a seamless manor. It has helped answer all our guest’s questions and feedback on nutrition and allergens quickly and effortlessly and also allows our teams to serve our guests with confidence and a clear direction on where to find out the information they require.”

Mike Lewis – Group Executive Chef YO! Sushi

See the YO! Sushi Saffron Allergen Portal Here


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