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North Lincolnshire Council

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“The support provided by FDH made a significant impact in easing the pressure on catering managers. The opportunity to monitor nutritional performance across the district simultaneously, rather than exhausting resources and staff conducting weekly analysis at each school site, has enabled us to continue improving our catering facilities within budget, and greatly contributes to the added value for students”

Lincolnshire County Council is one of the largest Local Authorities in the UK to roll out Nutritional Analysis integrated with cashless catering technology within secondary schools.With over 300 schools in the authority, how would the catering team integrate two solutions to maximise uptake whilst offering greater menu choice within the nutrition standards?

Lincolnshire County Council already recognised the benefit of using specialist solutions to improve it’s school meals service with both nutritionally balanced menus throughout the 280 primary schools and cashless systems in all secondaries.

Following the expansion of nutrient standards in 2009 to include secondary schools, the central nutrition team at Lincolnshire County Council needed to ensure that the menus available in these cafeteria style environments were balanced.

  • Recipe and Menu Management and Nutritional Analysis enabled the authority to adapt menu range and provide additional support so that each school could independently assess the nutritional values of their own needs.
  • FDH partnered with Vericool Cashless Systems to enable the teams to simultaneously monitor the cost performance and nutritional analysis of student groups.

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