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Children’s Food Trust

Recipe & Menu Management
Nutritional Analysis

The challenge

The Children's Food TrustThe Children’s Food Trust is a national charity working to reduce childhood obesity and malnutrition and enhance educational performance through improving the food children eat at home, in pre-school settings, in school and beyond.

The Children’s Food Trust offers evidence based advice, guidance, interventions and accredited training to support children’s nutrition, health and wellbeing. The Children’s Food Trust runs the biggest network of cooking clubs and supported the development and implementation of the first comprehensive national school food standards and the Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years settings in England.

The Children’s Food Trust required a nutritional analysis support package to analyse recipes and menus to help early years settings, schools and their caterers improve their food provision. Examples include:

  • Guide to nutrient based standards for school lunches.
  • Example compliant primary, secondary and special school menus with associated nutritionally analysed standardised recipes.
  • Recipes for Success series which provides tried and tested recipes to help schools and their caterers offer a popular menu and overcome common challenges with meeting the school food standards.
  • In this series of nine simple Recipes for Success booklets there are top tips, advice and ten tried and tested nutritionally analysed recipes per booklet
  • Two seasonal (spring/summer and autumn/winter) menus and recipe books for early years settings.
  • Let’s Get Cooking recipe packs: over 300 packs recipes have been nutritionally analysed and the energy (calorie), fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content of a portion of each recipe is displayed in the top corner of the recipe.

The solution

One of the key roles of the Children’s Food Trust is being able to provide nutrition advice and support to help early years settings, schools and their caterers improve their food provision. Saffron has enabled the Trust to develop and publish a series of nutritionally analysed recipes and menus. These are key practical tools used to demonstrate how to meet the voluntary food and drink guidelines for early years settings in England and the nutrient-based standards for school lunches.
The Children’s Food Trust chose Saffron because it:

  • Included the information and functionality needed to accurately analyse recipes and menus for schools and other children’s food settings (i.e. McCance database plus supplier information).
  • Included the functionality to account for weight changes and nutrient losses which as nutritionists we know is so important to get accurate results.
  • Is web-based, so it allows all our nutrition team to access the software from wherever they are based.
  • User friendly to enter and analyse information.

The results

“As one of the Trust’s nutritionists with existing experience of recipe analysis, I was pleased to have the opportunity to use Saffron. The training I received from FDH was really comprehensive; it included guidance on terminology and the step- by-step process of analysing a menu from creating stock items through to building a nutrition plan. I have used Saffron for three years and at any time I have had to access FDH customer support, they have provided timely support.”

Laura Sharp, Nutritionist.

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Software enquiry

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