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A mini-guide to using Saffron’s stock management module to record and monitor wastage, so you can take action to prevent costly food wastage before it happens.

Where is the wastage functionality in Saffron?

Wastage is part of the Stock Management module of Saffron. From here, you can record wastage with your own user-defined reason codes. You might choose incorrect order, kitchen error, portion size, customer preference, stock management, preparation, and so on.

Why would you need to know about your wastage?

Wastage eats into your bottom line and profitability. If you can record why food is being wasted, you can use the rest of Saffron’s modules, for example, recipe and menu design and purchasing, to take action to reduce and prevent it. So, if meals are coming back partly uneaten, you could use the Menu Engineering to redesign the ingredients towards more popular choices, which are then automatically costed according to your orders via your supplier EDI. Or, you can assess whether wastage is due to portion size, and again take action in both the Menu Engineering along with the Purchasing module, to reduce the yield whilst still ordering the most cost-effective and least wasteful pack size for any constituent ingredients.

What’s more, evidence from our hospital clients suggests that wastage  is hugely under reported – many businesses estimate their wastage to be much less than it is in reality. Only by taking action to record wastage in Saffron can you get a true picture of your wastage and see how to realistically reduce it.

How can you use Saffron’s wastage functionality to save you money?

Reducing the cost of the food you’re binning helps you to reduce the cost of stock to produce it, resulting in more efficient production from an accounting perspective as well as labour in kitchen production.

How can you make the most of the wastage functionality?

Saffron’s wastage functionality is already part of the Stock Management module: this is where you can record it with reason codes. However, to make the most of this information, the Stock Management module can work together with other Saffron modules and products so that you can maximise your efforts to reduce wastage, improve efficiencies and thus boost profitability.

Use the Menu Engineering module to monitor and change your food production right down to ingredient level, according to wastage reasons you’ve recorded in the Stock Control module. From the Recipe and Menu module you can manipulate yields and alter ingredients to minimise wastage, making more appealing dishes, smaller portion sizes or use cheaper ingredients. Find out more about recipe and menu planning:

Wastage also goes hand-in-hand with using the Purchasing module. Once you have made the necessary changes to your recipes and menus to reduce your wastage, you may want to amend your ordering as a result. Saffron can send orders to suppliers, from templates or forecasts, ad hoc, and with or without an Approved Product List or eCatalogue from your supplier. If you have electronic data interchange (EDI) set up between Saffron and your suppliers, any pricing changes will be automatically updated and variances flagged once your invoice is received back. This can help you to see where any pricing agreements may need to change on orders for  your reduced-wastage menus.

Find out more here about purchasing, costing and stock management:

You can also use Saffron BI  for contextualised business intelligence and easy to understand reporting. This can provide you with the key information you need to inform businesses decisions, without the need for admin hours spent gathering data and interpreting reports.

Why is Saffron’s wastage functionality so important for chefs?

Chefs don’t want margins affecting their creativity, but the fact is that wastage can consume your profits and contribute to business failure. Saffron’s Recipe and Menu module are the perfect way to record your creativity and standardise your quality, but with added business intelligence so that you can identify where food is being wasted. Use the Saffron Capture module to link Saffron to your EPOS and you can also add intelligence from your sales mix as to what sells versus food wastage. Then, with the money you save from preventing wastage, you can either boost your margins or put it right back into funding further creativity.

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