Using Software for Menu Management in Catering and Hospitality

Our mini-guide to using Saffron Software for Menu Management needs in a busy commercial kitchen.

Menu designing and building

How can Saffron software help me with menu building or designing, menu edits or changes?

A menu is obviously built from a series of recipes. You can use our catering software at the level you require: from populating your stock cupboard with ingredients, to making and recording individual recipes, and compiling these holistically into menus. For more information on recipe and menu design and engineering, including editing your recipes and menus, you’ll want to read our advice.

To find out how Saffron can help you at stock level, read our mini guide, Using Stock Management Software.

If you want to read more on using Saffron software at recipe level to build your menu from these key constituent parts, check out our mini-guide to Using Recipe Management Software for Catering and Hospitality.

Menu costing

How can Saffron software help me cost my menus, based on population vs cost of dish?

Saffron can help you forecast the cost of your menus based upon the population (ie customers) you are expecting. This will help you see the cost per head and also the Recommended Selling Price, based upon your target margins. This is how you might view some of your costing information:

You can see how it calculates Recommended Selling Prices based on your desired profit margins here:

For more information on using the costing functions efficiently, read our advice, Business Challenge: Costing.

Can Saffron software give me a calculated cost of my entire menu?

Yes: based upon the cost per recipe vs the population Saffron is able to work out the cost for the entire menu, cost per dish and cost per head. You can find out more about how it does this for you by reading Business Challenge: Costing.

Menus and purchasing

Can the software place orders with my suppliers based on my menu plans?

Yes, by stating how many people you expect to cater for with your menu, Saffron will work out the orders needed from each of your suppliers to make the correct amounts of each dish. By linking your email provider to the system, Saffron will also automatically send these orders off at the touch of button. You can read more about its additional purchasing functionality in our mini-guide, Using Purchasing Software.

Menu editing and menu rotation

Can Saffron software handle menu rotations and cycles?

Absolutely, Saffron is extremely competent in the way it handles complex menu cycles and rotations, such as those in schools. Whether these are daily, weekly or monthly cycles – Saffron can also accommodate cycles within cycles, e.g. where a menu differs each day and each week over a four week period.

Here’s an example of how you can work with menu cycles:

Can the software show different menu courses?

Yes, Saffron can break down your menu into courses. Here is an example screenshot of the different courses you can break your menu into:

Want to go into each individual dish’ For more information on working at recipe level, read our mini-guide to Using Recipe Management Software for Catering and Hospitality.

Nutritional and allergen analysis

Can the software show me the nutrition of my dishes by menu?

Absolutely, Saffron will calculate the nutritional values of a dish based upon the nutritional values of your stock items, the amounts used, the yield and the percentage weight loss or gain through cooking. This information can then be pulled through to give a breakdown of nutrition at menu level, whether that be detailed or just a traffic light overview.

For example, here is what a school menu nutrition report would look like with a nutritional rule applied to it:

What’s more, if you need to change or adapt a recipe, the software will recalculate your menu’s nutritional profile based upon the new change.

To find out more about this, read our advice, Business Challenge: Nutritional Analysis.

Can the software show me the allergens in my dishes by menu?

Yes, once your recipes are added to a menu, there are a number of ways you can report on these allergens. You can run a report on allergens by menu, or use the Saffron Allergen Portal to display all of your menus with a breakdown of allergens and/or nutrition.

Next steps

Our catering software can help you manage your menu engineering for increased efficiency, cost control and profitability.

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