Stock Management Software for Catering and Hospitality

A mini-guide to using our catering and hospitality software to improve your stock management, inventory control and stocktaking processes.

Stock taking

How do I use software to do my stock take?

No IT product can truly replace a real person doing a physical stock take of actual items in the warehouse, but software can make the burden easier than doing it wholly on paper or even in spreadsheets. Our web-based Saffron software has a number of different modules – including Stock Management – and also work with a handheld barcode reader, Saffron Connect, to make the process simpler, easier and more joined up.

Watch our video to see exactly how our Stock Management Software for Catering and Hospitality helps with your stock taking:

How does the handheld barcode reader work with the software?

Our handheld barcode reader is called Saffron Connect and it works directly with the Stock Management module of our Saffron software to produce accurate stock valuations. This is how it works:

  • Your stock files from Saffron can be loaded onto the reader
  • Individual items are linked with a Saffron code
  • You can produce and print barcodes for loose items like fruit and vegetable, to be attached to their storage location
  • Scan an item’s barcode
  • Enter the correct amount for each stock item, in any order and at multiple sites, this system will consolidate these.
  • When you’ve finished your stock take, upload the data back into Saffron

The barcode reader can integrate with the Saffron module, your invoices and your deliveries to produce an accurate stock valuation.

How can software improve and streamline my stock taking process?

Saffron is able to not only speed up the stock taking process, but provide an overview of your stock levels, consumption, whereabouts and any variances of your stock at the touch of a button. If you have multiple units, Saffron is able to pull all of this information together to give a complete insight in to your stock no matter where it is located. With the use of Saffron Connect, the handheld barcode scanner, this process becomes even simpler.

Using a barcode reader in large areas is so useful because it saves on manual data entry. This brings with it savings in time and labour costs and reduces the risk of human error in manual data entry.

Stock control and variances

Can software provide line-by-line stock control?

Absolutely, Saffron gives a complete detailed view of your stock levels, line-by-line. Of course, you can also produce stock summary sheets to report on overall stock levels.

Can I use software to identify stock variances?

Yes, Saffron will show any variances of the stock counted vs the expected stock levels, flagging up any discrepancies and reporting on them. In fact, via integration with your EPoS system, it can give a complete consumption breakdown of what was produced, sold, and wasted.

Stock transfers

How can software accommodate transfers of stock between units and cost centres?

When you’re a large caterer or hospitality business, having multiple sites or cost centres can present an obstacle to the normal stock management and inventory control processes. Saffron is a great tool to keep track of transfers between units. This will be reported on the stock summary sheets and also can be reported via unit, to get a detailed overview on what is happening within each unit.

Stock, sales and deliveries

Can the software deplete my stock based on sales data from the EPoS?

Yes, by integrating your EPoS system with Saffron, your consumption levels are generated automatically based on your sales and stock depleted.

How do I use software to allow for par stock ordering?

Yes, Saffron allows you to specify minimum and maximum par levels, to generate orders in line with these limits.

Does the software update my stock levels when my orders are delivered?

Yes, by confirming, updating and processing your delivery notes in Saffron, your stock levels are updated.

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