Stock Control

Multiple sites means regularly move stock between cost centres. Improve your inventory management by using software to save you time and cost, value your stock instantly and accurately and integrate it with your EPOS.

The catering cost cycle begins with supplier ordering, then purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes and payments – all made easier with software!

If you have large, multiple sites and are still doing stocktaking manually, you could save on data entry with bar code readers that integrate instantly with your systems. Find out more about how we can improve your performance:

Saffron Connect – Can It…?

…help me with my stock taking? Yes, the Saffron Connect barcode scanner not only speeds up the stock taking process but increases the accuracy compared with that of a manual stock take. …combine stock levels from different locations? Yes, the Saffron Connect barcode scanner can consolidate any products that you scan, even if they are…

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