Saffron Connect – Can It…?

…help me with my stock taking?

Yes, the Saffron Connect barcode scanner not only speeds up the stock taking process but increases the accuracy compared with that of a manual stock take.

…combine stock levels from different locations?

Yes, the Saffron Connect barcode scanner can consolidate any products that you scan, even if they are stored in different locations.

…consolidate stock takes from multiple devices?

Yes, in larger stores or across multiple units it may be that you require more than one handheld device to be used at one given time. Once the stock data is uploaded back into Saffron the numbers can be consolidated to give one combined total.

…account for stock items that have no barcode?

Absolutely, Saffron will allow you to print your own barcodes for non packaged goods, e.g. vegetables, fresh meat – you can then print these off and store with the item or perhaps a book of ‘loose’ barcodes that accompany the stock taking process.

…help to minimise mistakes?

Yes, by removing the need for duplicate entry Saffron Connect reduces the risk of mistakes.


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