Patient Ordering – Can It…?

…reduce the time taken to gather orders from patients?

Absolutely, not only does it speed up the time it takes to take the patients orders, it also efficently reduces the time it takes to consolidate all orders. It has been reported that Saffron Patient Ordering can reduce time taken to take orders at the bedside by upto 50%.

…reduce the food wastage on our wards?

Yes, by having a clear order from each of your patients, your kitchens are able to prepare the right amount of dishes based on the population. This avoids over production and in turn reduces wastage.

…reduce contract penalty payments?

Contract penalties for the % of meals orders sent incorrectly which are largely errors in manual data translation, are greatly reduced protecting contract penalty payments.

…improve patient experience?

Totally, interaction with the patient over their meal requirements is a way of enhancing the ordering experience for the patient, through verbal communication and also visual – images can be stored against the dishes on the ordering system.

…show images?

Yes, images can be uploaded against recipes to enable catering staff to show these to the patient at point of order.

…identify patients with specific requirements?

Yes, Saffron Patient Ordering allows you to assign particular dietary requirements to patients, for example – a puréed diet, intolerances, etc.

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