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Local Authorities are faced with a number of catering challenges throughout the sectors they serve, find out more about how the introduction of a catering management solution can help:

Catering for Diabetic People in Hospitals and Healthcare Settings – How Can Software Help?

November is Diabetes Month, and we’ve already been covering catering for diabetic children in schools and catering for people with diabetes in care homes. Naturally, though, the NHS bears the brunt of diabetes care, and catering and nutrition have a natural role to play during diabetes management for patients admitted to hospital. Here we’ll be looking…

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Nutritional Standards for Children. What They Are And How Software Can Help Achieve The Correct Intake.

We’ve recently covered innovating children’s restaurant menus, catering for children in the cost sector, and, latterly, meeting nutrition challenges in schools. However, we thought it was time to return to the big picture of children’s nutrition, and go back to basics for any of our customers who need to get to grips with the fundamentals…

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What’s the Best Catering Software for Local Authorities?

Cost-saving and efficiency is never more important than for the public sector. Whether your council is keeping your hospitality in the family, or you’re putting your catering contracts out to tender, how do you streamline your processes whilst falling the right side of the red tape’ This can make all the difference between success and…

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2020 Fretwell-Downing Hospitality