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Food is a fundamental part of our health, and catering within different care settings shouldn’t be over looked, with even tighter budget restraints and ever increasing diet challenges find out more about how the introduction of a software solution can help tackle this:

Is Your NHS Trust Wasting Up To £150k a Year By not Having Standardised Recipes

The NHS is the very cornerstone of our welfare state, so it will always benefit if it can find cost savings. But in light of Jeremy Hunt’s ambitious announcement of a 7 day NHS, operational and financial managers and directors are under increasing pressure to find savings from somewhere – and to save that money…

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Catering for Diabetic People in Hospitals and Healthcare Settings – How Can Software Help?

November is Diabetes Month, and we’ve already been covering catering for diabetic children in schools and catering for people with diabetes in care homes. Naturally, though, the NHS bears the brunt of diabetes care, and catering and nutrition have a natural role to play during diabetes management for patients admitted to hospital. Here we’ll be looking…

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Business Challenge: Expanding Your Catering Business

In catering and hospitality, expansion and growth can be both the journey and the destination. You may already have a growth target you’re trying to reach as an end goal, or you may have just organically outgrown your current business model and are having to expand. However, it’s a double-edged sword: expansion can also lead…

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How Can Software Help Events Caterers?

Events catering is a different beast to static food businesses. If you’re an established events caterer, how can you further improve your operation to become more profitable’ Or, if you’re a current chef looking to expand into events and align yourself with a catering business, how do you get a grip on the events catering…

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2020 Fretwell-Downing Hospitality