Food Management

Nutrition is a vital element of all food, so your business has a clear obligation to fulfil. How can software help you overcome your sector’s unique nutritional challenges, without compromising taste and cost?

Planning in a hospitality business means implementing efficient processes that help your kitchen, your staff and your whole business. How can software assist you in your food management planning?

Catering for Older People With Diabetes in Care Homes – How Can Software Help?

With November being Diabetes Month, and World Diabetes Day having taken place on 14th November, we wanted to explore get into the nutritional challenges of catering for older people with diabetes in care homes. Here we’ll be looking at: Diabetes prevalence General UK population In older people Complex health conditions and diabetes Dementia, nutrition and…

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Is Your NHS Trust Wasting Up To £150k a Year By not Having Standardised Recipes

The NHS is the very cornerstone of our welfare state, so it will always benefit if it can find cost savings. But in light of Jeremy Hunt’s ambitious announcement of a 7 day NHS, operational and financial managers and directors are under increasing pressure to find savings from somewhere – and to save that money…

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Using Software for Menu Management in Catering and Hospitality

Our mini-guide to using Saffron Software for Menu Management needs in a busy commercial kitchen. Menu designing and building How can Saffron software help me with menu building or designing, menu edits or changes? A menu is obviously built from a series of recipes. You can use our catering software at the level you require: from…

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Recipe Management Software

A mini-guide to using our Recipe Management Software to manage your commercial recipes and menus Food, recipe and menu costing How do I calculate the cost of my recipes and menus? Use Saffron software! Once all of your stock items have their cost attached to them, Saffron is able to calculate the cost of each…

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Business Challenge: Menu and Recipe Planning

Whether you’re just starting out in the food business or you’re part of an established outfit, you’ll probably have some fairly firm concepts of what kind of food you want to do and why. You’ll know: The kind of business you want: whether it’s a chain of restaurants, a fleet of food trucks, regional event…

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