Food Management

Nutrition is a vital element of all food, so your business has a clear obligation to fulfil. How can software help you overcome your sector’s unique nutritional challenges, without compromising taste and cost?

Planning in a hospitality business means implementing efficient processes that help your kitchen, your staff and your whole business. How can software assist you in your food management planning?

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Saffron Bedside “Can it”

A mini-guide to using our Bedside catering and hospitality software system to manage and improve catering operations in your hospital setting. Compliance Can Saffron Bedside help my hospital evidence Outcome 5? How? Yes, Saffron Bedside patient ordering software can help your trust to evidence that you meet standards for the CQC’s Outcome 5, by showing…

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Allergen Web Portal for Customers

A mini-guide to using our catering and hospitality software with the Saffron online web portal, to show your customers the allergens in your menu. (This guide is about customer communication – for allergen management when planning and cooking, read our allergen management mini-guide.) Providing information to customers How do I show my customers the allergens…

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Food Allergen Management Software

A mini-guide to using our Food Allergen Management Software software to manage and communicate the allergens present in the catering and hospitality food you’re serving. Legislation How can I comply with the Food Information Regulations 2014 (FIR)? Part of this legislation includes new rules on the provision of allergen information, which applies to all food…

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Business Challenge: Allergies and Allergens

With serious food allergies and allergens on the rise, getting your allergen information clear and correct for both customers and staff has never been more important. It’s also now a matter of legal compliance, since EU legislation now requires any food business offering foods to the final consumer (either packaged on the premises or non-packaged)…

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