Whether you’re working in-house or as contract caterer, we’re here to guide you through the many trials of catering for the education market. Explore with us the different business concerns and how software can help you to achieve your commercial goals – and watch this space as we add more content on the education market!

Scottish Education Catering – How Saffron is Helping School Meals in Scotland Meet Targets

Scottish Education Catering – How Saffron is Helping School Meals in Scotland Meet Targets Scotland has a rich culinary history, but in recent years has become more well known for deep-fried Mars bars than haggis and cullen skink. What does that mean for Scottish children’s health and how can we work together to improve the…

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What Are The Nutritional Problems Facing Caterers for Children in Cost-Sector Settings, and How can Software Help Overcome Them?

Schools, hospitals, council-run care homes for young people and even youth detention centres all have a duty of care to make sure the children and young people in their charge get the nutrition their growing bodies need. Here we’ll be exploring how Saffron software can help caterers do this, by looking at: The current state…

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Catering For Diabetic Children In Schools

With November being Diabetes Awareness Month, and World Diabetes Day happening on 14th November, we’re focusing on how Saffron catering software can help our clients to cater for people with diabetes. And with LACA’s National School Meals Week from 6th-10th November, what better time to focus on catering for children with diabetes in schools’ Here…

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Nutritional Standards for Children. What They Are And How Software Can Help Achieve The Correct Intake.

We’ve recently covered innovating children’s restaurant menus, catering for children in the cost sector, and, latterly, meeting nutrition challenges in schools. However, we thought it was time to return to the big picture of children’s nutrition, and go back to basics for any of our customers who need to get to grips with the fundamentals…

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Innovating children’s restaurant menus – how can software help?

Whilst children’s restaurant menus have come a long way over the years and the industry has made a great deal of progress, there is still more that we can do, especially with our Saffron software, to help restaurants innovate and appeal to the family audience. Here we’ll be looking at: How children’s relationships to food…

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Meeting Nutrition Challenges in Schools and Education

Key Points Adhere to the mandatory School Food Regulations 2014, whether you?re in-house or contract Ensure your whole menu complies with the School Food Standards – not just per meal Software nutritionally analyses your ingredients, recipes and menus Software can set nutritional benchmarks and let you know whether or not you meet them   Need…

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What’s the Best Catering Software for Universities and Colleges?

Key Points Providing allergen information is crucial for vulnerable groups like food-allergic students Use software for costing and purchasing to provide value for money within the limitations of your contract Adapt your menu instantly to keep up with students’ changeable food taste Patronage can be variable competitive and sustainable Use standardised recipes to maintain consistency…

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Patient Ordering – Can It…?

…reduce the time taken to gather orders from patients? Absolutely, not only does it speed up the time it takes to take the patients orders, it also efficently reduces the time it takes to consolidate all orders. It has been reported that Saffron Patient Ordering can reduce time taken to take orders at the bedside…

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