We’ve got the lowdown on how legislative changes can affect your catering business, and what you can do to stay ahead of the game on important laws like the Food Information Regulations and improving your allergy safety profile.

Can efficient kitchen management contribute to safer food? Whether it’s showing due diligence, improving staff training and miscommunication, or even planning special diets for hospital patients.

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Saffron Bedside “Can it”

A mini-guide to using our Bedside catering and hospitality software system to manage and improve catering operations in your hospital setting. Compliance Can Saffron Bedside help my hospital evidence Outcome 5? How? Yes, Saffron Bedside patient ordering software can help your trust to evidence that you meet standards for the CQC’s Outcome 5, by showing…

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Stock Management Software for Catering and Hospitality

A mini-guide to using our catering and hospitality software to improve your stock management, inventory control and stocktaking processes. Stock taking How do I use software to do my stock take? No IT product can truly replace a real person doing a physical stock take of actual items in the warehouse, but software can make…

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Patient Ordering – Can It…?

…reduce the time taken to gather orders from patients? Absolutely, not only does it speed up the time it takes to take the patients orders, it also efficently reduces the time it takes to consolidate all orders. It has been reported that Saffron Patient Ordering can reduce time taken to take orders at the bedside…

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