We’ve got the lowdown on how legislative changes can affect your catering business, and what you can do to stay ahead of the game on important laws like the Food Information Regulations and improving your allergy safety profile.

Can efficient kitchen management contribute to safer food? Whether it’s showing due diligence, improving staff training and miscommunication, or even planning special diets for hospital patients.

Allergen Web Portal for Customers

A mini-guide to using our catering and hospitality software with the Saffron online web portal, to show your customers the allergens in your menu. (This guide is about customer communication – for allergen management when planning and cooking, read our allergen management mini-guide.) Providing information to customers How do I show my customers the allergens…

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Food Allergen Management Software

A mini-guide to using our Food Allergen Management Software software to manage and communicate the allergens present in the catering and hospitality food you’re serving. Legislation How can I comply with the Food Information Regulations 2014 (FIR)? Part of this legislation includes new rules on the provision of allergen information, which applies to all food…

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Business Challenge: Nutritional Labelling and Providing Allergen Information

Nutritional labelling in the hospitality and catering industry can be complex, and it’s often confused with the law on providing allergen information (also contained in the same legislation but essentially a separate issue). So we’re here to clarify by answering the following questions: What is the nutritional labelling legislation? Which businesses does the nutritional labelling…

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Why are Two-Thirds of Takeaways Still Breaking the Law on Allergy Information?

Food allergy is becoming increasingly common in the UK, and the consequences can be fatal. We’ve seen many tragic instances reported in the news of what happens when allergic diners ingest something that could kill them. In many cases, these deaths can be prevented, and the EU is trying to ensure diner’s safety with a…

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