Allergen Web Portal for Customers

A mini-guide to using our catering and hospitality software with the Saffron online web portal, to show your customers the allergens in your menu. (This guide is about customer communication – for allergen management when planning and cooking, read our allergen management mini-guide.)

Providing information to customers

How do I show my customers the allergens in my dishes, in real time?

The Wellbeing Portal is a customer-facing web page that shows what allergens are in each of your dishes. You can either give the customers a web link on your menu for them to access on their own device (such as their smartphone), or you can use it on your in-house laptop or tablet at your customers’ tables. This is what the front page looks like:

The Saffron Allergen portal has a direct link to your Saffron database, where all ingredients and recipes which use them are tagged with the relevant allergens. We know that changing ingredients or suppliers can mean that the allergen profile of a dish or menu may change from day to day, which is why recipes are pulled through in real time, every time a visitor clicks to access your menu. This means that you’re giving your customers the most up to date information at all times.

You can read more about this in Business Challenge: Allergies and Allergens, and also our mini-guide to using software for allergen management.

How can I help my staff to provide accurate allergen information to customers?

The first port of call for many of your food-allergic customers will likely be asking your staff about allergens. The food knowledge of your waiting staff may differ from that of your cooking staff, and miscommunication can happen. The online allergen portal can act as a reliable point of reference for staff to use when providing information verbally, as well as for them to show directly to customers.

The Saffron Wellbeing Portal l is a real time feed from your Saffron database, so any changes made to ingredients or recipes within the system will mean that the portal is automatically updated for your customers to see. The portal, unlike a printed allergen sheet, will not become outdated, as the allergen profiles of changing ingredients are reflected in real time, giving you and your customers the confidence in the information being shown.

You can read more about this in Business Challenge: Allergies and Allergens.

How can I show my customers the nutrition of my dishes, in real time?

Just as Saffron can show real time allergen information, it can also provide real time nutritional information on each item in your menu. This is how nutritional information would be presented for a particular section of your menu – for example, main courses.

The Saffron Allergen portal is a real time feed from your Saffron database, so any changes that may be made to ingredients or recipes within the system will mean that the portal is automatically updated with the new nutrition information.

You can read more about this in Business Challenge: Nutritional Analysis.

Can I use software to give my customers extra information about my dishes?

Yes, Saffron allows you to add further information about your dishes, whether this be a description as featured on your menu or a list of ingredients, it’s up to you! This is ideal if you’re catering for special diets such as vegan, vegetarian, kosher or halal.

What happens if I update my ingredients or recipes?

The Wellbeing Portal will update automatically when you make any changes to your recipes, whether that’s switching ingredients or scaling up yields. The Saffron Allergen Portal has a real time feed from your Saffron database which means any adjustments to stock items, recipes or menus will instantly be reflected on the portal. You can be confident that your customers are given fully up to date and accurate information.

For more information about how the software assists with managing allergens during the recipe and menu planning phase, check out our mini-guide on allergen management here.

Can I have the software and web portal in my own branding?

Yes, Saffron can be configured to show your own brand logo, colour scheme and footer information to fit with your brand.

Does the software and allergen portal resize according to the device a customer is using?

Absolutely, the Saffron Allergen Portal is fully optimised for mobile devices, so it will work on everything from a mobile to a laptop. This is ideal if you want to provide a web link for customers to use on their own smartphones, or whether you want to use the web portal on an in-house tablet that you can show to customers at their table.

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