Identify opportunities for savings by using software to cost your spend with suppliers over specified periods, and even plan out your food cost by portion and menu.

Catering software can actually make your food business more profitable. It’s all in the processes and data, and the decisions you can make with accurate finance reports.

Could you improve your wastage figures, be greener and save money? Our reporting details full costing and wastage, ensuring you’re best placed to maximise margin or budget v actual performance at all times.

Business Challenge: Expanding Your Catering Business

In catering and hospitality, expansion and growth can be both the journey and the destination. You may already have a growth target you’re trying to reach as an end goal, or you may have just organically outgrown your current business model and are having to expand. However, it’s a double-edged sword: expansion can also lead…

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What’s Really the Secret to a Successful Family Business?

Family businesses really are unique beasts – no two are the same. Amongst the most successful in the business arena, they can breed impressive and awe-inspiring dynastic empires, but they can also feel like a closed shop, with claustrophobic familial power struggles jostling for prominence. So, what’s the secret to a successful family company? And…

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2020 Fretwell-Downing Hospitality