Identify opportunities for savings by using software to cost your spend with suppliers over specified periods, and even plan out your food cost by portion and menu.

Catering software can actually make your food business more profitable. It’s all in the processes and data, and the decisions you can make with accurate finance reports.

Could you improve your wastage figures, be greener and save money? Our reporting details full costing and wastage, ensuring you’re best placed to maximise margin or budget v actual performance at all times.

Business Challenge: Costing

Why costing? Whether you’re in the cost sector or the profit sector, the importance of the financial figures in your business can’t be overstated. The key issues to consider are: If you don’t know how much all your costs add up to, how will you know whether you’re making a profit or a loss? How…

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Could Your Business Save Money by Using Seasonal Foods?

Key Points Work with the consumer preference for seasonality, localism and sustainability – not against it Keep costs down by using seasonal food: cheaper to produce, import and store in transit Forge links with local growers to reduce food miles and boost your local economy Use software to standardise recipes when using changeable ingredients Costing…

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7 Reasons Using Seasonal Food is Good for Your Business

It’s a great marketing hook Using seasonal food is good for your business as it is a selling point for your menu, especially for customers who are particular about the provenance, quality and sustainability of their food. Embrace the trend, rather than fighting it. It could taste better Don’t choose sickly winter strawberries: food produced…

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2020 Fretwell-Downing Hospitality