7 Reasons Using Seasonal Food is Good for Your Business

  1. It’s a great marketing hook

Using seasonal food is good for your business as it is a selling point for your menu, especially for customers who are particular about the provenance, quality and sustainability of their food. Embrace the trend, rather than fighting it.

  1. It could taste better

Don’t choose sickly winter strawberries: food produced without forced cultivation means it ripens naturally, in its own sweet time. This can often result in a superior taste. Better ingredients = better food = happier customers = more customers.

  1. It saves you money

Avoiding the expensive artificial cultivation techniques used to produce food out of season can cut your costs. You’ll also save money on the transport and storage overheads of imported food. The seasonal rhythm also means your suppliers can work with the peak of their natural supply – and these economies of scale can reduce production costs.

  1. It’s good for localism

Look to local growers and you could forge strong community links, prop up the local farming economy and get fresher food that hasn’t spoiled on a long journey.

  1. You can save the planet

Buying seasonal food locally means fewer food miles and a smaller carbon footprint, and reduces food waste at the point of food production by accepting non-uniform appearance.

  1. It’s an opportunity to implement standardisation

Changing foods, transient kitchen staff – how can you ensure a dish is made the same way for each order’ Get the right software in place to calculate provisions orders, monitor your costs, minimise waste, tweak ingredients for special diets, and balance out the variances that may come with the season and different kitchen staff.

  1. A varied body of work

The body craves particular things during the year: leaves and berries during the summer, and starches and carbs during the winter. Coincidence’ Switching up ingredients can also force you out of that comfortable but boring food rut you’re stuck in.

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