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The Paperless Kitchen

A new environmentally friendly, kitchen management solution

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Catering Management Software

Looking to get a handle on your catering operations? Saffron catering management software will ensure you’re in the best place to build a sustainable, successful catering service.

Whether you’re looking to ensure consistency of your foodservice brands, ensure your customers know that your food offer is nutritious, allergen aware and planet smart, or whether you’re looking to identify trends, manage costs and maximise profitability, we can show you how to achieve success. In an increasingly competitive market place the ability to stay ahead of the game whilst optimising your operations and services has never been so important to fulfil customer expectations, maintain service standards or meet financial key performance indicators. Advances in technology have enabled us to develop new ways of working, improve efficiency and deliver information that positively influences behaviour, supports greater efficiencies and keeps individuals focused upon their core objectives.

100% up-time

Cloud-base solution

Multi-user levels

Manage your team

Fast & Secure

End-to-end encryption

ISO 27001

The international standard


Public Sector Catering

Possibly the only sector of the hospitality industry that serves a customer throughout their life, Public Sector Catering organisations provide outstanding foodservice operations within tight budgets,...

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Hospitality & Leisure

The Hospitality & Leisure sector covers a wide range of diverse catering operations that may differ in many ways including size, the food being served, style of service and of course the diners. Although...

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Food Service

As a market-leading catering management solution, Saffron is already widely used by Contract Caterers and Facilities Managers to increase the efficiency of back office processes and ultimately drive...

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If you’re in early years, schools, colleges or university catering, you need to ensure you’re providing the nation’s young people with diverse, appealing and nutritious food at the most effective...

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Health & Social Care

Healthcare catering operates seven days a week, 365 days a year delivering a vital element of a patient’s recovery, whether an NHS Trust, Private Hospital, Care Home or Day Centre. With many different...

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Local Authority

As a local authority caterer, you may be catering across a broad range of clients with very different requirements – from school meals to civic venues and tourism, staff canteens to welfare meals...

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An army marches on its stomach, so your military operational units need an effective catering management and information system. Our specialist catering management software, Saffron, is designed for kitchen...

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food service in education
meal service to the army

"The speed and accuracy of access we have to data is one of the key benefits of Saffron"

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Saffron Catering Software

The Saffron Suite

Advice Centre

Advances in technology have enabled us to develop new ways of working, improve efficiency and deliver information that positively influences behaviors, supports greater efficiencies and keeps individuals focused upon their core objectives.  Our Advice Centre provides insights that will help you gain further knowledge into the main areas affecting the hospitality industry.

Food Wastage

Wastage software for catering

A mini-guide to using Saffron’s stock management module to record and monitor wastage, so you can take action to prevent costly food wastage before it happens. Where is the wastage functionality in Saffron? Wastage is part of the Stock Management module of Saffron. From here, you can record wastage with your own user-defined reason codes….

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Saffron Bedside “Can it”

A mini-guide to using our Bedside catering and hospitality software system to manage and improve catering operations in your hospital setting. Compliance Can Saffron Bedside help my hospital evidence Outcome 5? How? Yes, Saffron Bedside patient ordering software can help your trust to evidence that you meet standards for the CQC’s Outcome 5, by showing…

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An Introduction to Saffron Central

Saffron Central is our new catering software designed specifically for multi-outlet caterers operating from a Central Production Unit (CPU). It helps you to track, cost and manage your menu offering, production and delivery, with complete visibility across your entire estate. The advantages of CPUs Real estate in today’s retail catering can be challenging. You might…

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