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University of Birmingham

Recipe & Menu Management
Nutritional Analysis
Stock Control
Finance Centre

The challenge


With 27,500 students and 6000 staff on-campus, the University of Birmingham boasts 35 different catering outlets, from coffee shops and grab ‘n go eateries to full blown restaurants and bars.

In such a complex catering environment, the University was looking to improve its back office processes to increase both the visibility of the operation and its administrative efficiency. The University were also keen to introduce nutritional analysis to enable students and staff to make more informed choices when eating out.

The Solution

The University of Birmingham began a phased installation of Saffron working closely with FDH to ensure the system was tailored specifically to the University’s catering requirements.

  • Introduction of the Finance Centre enabled the University to manage their invoices more efficiently, automatically exporting to the University’s Finance system for payment and reducing the need for duplicate data entry.
  • Stock control became much simpler thanks to the integration with the finance centre and the University’s EPoS system, which automatically updates stock levels and immediately flags up any discrepancies.
  • Preferred supplier listing so that users can only order from certain suppliers ensured best practise when purchasing throughout the campus.
  • Traffic light labelling and nutritional analysis of recipes and menus throughout the campus provides students and staff awareness of what they’re eating.

The Results

“We opted for FDH because they are an established company with a good reputation, and had a system that was designed to operate in complex catering environments. Overall, Saffron is giving us the satisfaction of being able to track and audit the complete operation effectively, which is extremely important when every penny counts. By increasing the level of reporting we can see where there are any loopholes and take action much more quickly.”

Lynne Fowkes, Catering Manager, University of Birmingham

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Software enquiry

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